Finding the right map for your project is part of the fun for me, and perhaps for you, too! Simply tell me what kind of map (USGS topographic, FAA Pilot sectional, or NOAA Boaters chart), and a town, city, or geographic area you would like included on your piece, and I will email you some images and links for you to choose from. Once the map has been decided, you can select what color to paint the balance of the furniture. The map colors often dictate the painted color of the furniture.

Topographic maps near waterways can be quite stunning. Interior land maps are also quite beautiful, depending on the location. Here are a couple of examples of some maps.

USGS Topo Map

The stool on the left is a USGS topo map with water features, specifically Irvington/White Stone, VA. The colors are mostly light blue hues, minty greens, and some light pinks and purples. Deeper water is a much darker blue. Other topo map colors depend on the topography of the area, as can be seen in the stool on the right of Richmond, VA. The James River, in blue, dissects the city, which is done in minty greens, coral and lavender. Those colors are predominant in urban and suburban areas.

NOAA Boating Chart

The NOAA boater charts are mostly tan/beige, with light blues, grey blues, black and white.

FAA Pilot Sectionals

The FAA Pilot sectionals are very detailed and colorful. This terminal access chart has blues, purples and yellows. There are other types and styles of pilot charts available.

This is an 8′ church pew with pilot sectionals.